Newborn feedings!

I’ve been reading so many different things, I’m so overwhelmed with what to do! At the hospital they were very persistent with baby eating every 3 hours. I’m a ftm so of course I am on board and have been doing so. Then one nurse tells me that a 4 hour stretch throughout the night won’t hurt baby, as long as they’re sleeping and not showing signs of wanting to eat (although my lo has her days and nights mixed up so she only sleeps the 3 hr stretches during the day). Then I’m being told to let baby sleep and they’ll wake up on their own when hungry but what if that could be quite awhile? I just saw a post about a newborn going a 6 1/2 of sleep so is that okay if they sleep that long? Then I’ve been told never to go longer than 5 hours. I’m just so confused because during the day, I am waking her up to feed every 3 hours so I have no idea how long she would actually sleep If I let her. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Also my Lo is only 3 days old 🥰