This girl

I told my partner that I was not comfortable with her communicating with this one girl and he refuses to listen. He mocks me and ignores whatever I’m saying. Continues to text her and says that she did nothing wrong and that’s just his friend etc. but I know that she has confessed that she has feelings for him in the past. I don’t believe that her intentions are good and he gets annoyed because apparently he can’t have friends. He has multiple female friends but he seems to always talk to his exes. I told him that out of respect, he shouldn’t do that because he knows that it upsets me and he says well that’s my problem. What is he suppose to do about my feelings. I’m so upset and feel so disrespected. Told him that he can keep his friends and I’ll just wait for someone who cherishes me and doesn’t do things that he knows will hurt me.

And yes this happened while we were together.

Edit: I’m perfectly happy with him having friends, males or females. But this one I don’t feel comfortable about. One of his closest friends is a female and she has more respect towards me compared to this particular one.