Subchronic hematoma while 17 weeks pregnant😩


Went to the ER lastnight because I was committing blood and ALOT of it. They kept me from 11pm-9am over night and gave me IV bags and some medicine. I’m 17 weeks pregnant, 2 previous miscarriages and a thinned cervix. They found out there’s a subchronic hematoma based off an ultrasound but baby was perfectly fine, good heart beat and was moving around. They also tested my hemoglobin levels which were low and they want me to keep an eye on anymore bleeding an they kept saying something about a blood transfusion. I’m just so stressed and worried about my baby. I can’t bare the thought of losing another baby😞 I just can’t. The depressive state I was in losing the other two scares the hell out of me thinking it can happen again. Idk what to think or what to make of this. I just want my baby to be okay and to be this babies mom. I want this baby an love this baby more then anything and just wanna see what you guys think!!