Frustrated! husband and I have insurance through his employer. This year we met our deductible back in March due to me having a procedure done.

Our insurance plan covers 50% of fertility appointments and testing once the deductible is met.

Last month we went to our first appointment and before we went I got a letter from the office saying what we needed to do to get ready for our first appointment. One of those things was to call our insurance company and check on coverage with them. And if it is not covered we are to come prepared to pay the full $225 for the consultation. So we did that. I called the insurance company and read them the letter and explained that it’s our first consult and I just want to be prepared and know what we will need to pay the day of our appointment. She told me that we would pay the co pay and then they would bill insurance and insurance would pay 50% of the visit. Then the doctors office would bill us for the rest.

So I go to our appointment and was asked to just pay the co pay as the insurance lady told us.

Today I got a bill from the doctors office saying insurance is not accepting the bill at all and we own them the full visit amount. We have another appointment in two weeks. And they will not see us unless this bill is handled first.

It’s not that we don’t have it. It’s the principal of it. We were told 50% would be covered.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Did you get it resolved? Should I call their office of my insurance company?