Does this thing will ever stop?


I think that a month ago i lose my virginity, and i felt really prepared i have condoms a lube and i am on birth control, so when we start doing it it was hard to make his penis tu enter on my vagina because it is (my vagina) so little ☹️ like it has no space and we tried different positions like me on top and it entered but i didnt feel anything because we didnt move or something 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

Then yesterday we tried again, we kissed, warm up and the same thing of the first time, it was hard to find a position were his penis entered and it doesnt hurt so we tried doggy style and he started doing it very slow and i feel something like tickles very little but it was still hurting so i didnt enjoy so much

I literally put a lot of lube and i want to know when the pain Is going to stop

I cant explain really the pain because i dont know how, but i really want to enjoy sex and i cant do it all the time because i dont see My boyfriend all the time