New job insight


So I made a post recently about my salary... I have found a couple job openings that I applied for ... the salary range states from 38-56k .... I’m a school nurse and the thing is is the salary schedule for school nurses starts at 38 ... while a teachers salary schedule with a bachelors degree (which is what I have) starts at 44... I make 42 right now . I really don’t want to make a lateral move. I’m well qualified and know what I’m worth. And I really love my district I’m in now. (I feel that I’m worth more than the salary I have now but mostly am applying elsewhere because my commute can be nearly 3 hours some days.) I would love to be started on the teachers salary schedule but I’m not sure if that’s possible...but is it appropriate to ask about salary before accepting an interview... will it be frowned upon or give me a lesser chance? I don’t want to waste my time or someone else’s and also have to take a PO for this if I don’t have a shot at making more than I am now.. thanks for your advice 😊