So I went back on the pill a few weeks ago because my husband and I decided to wait a while longer to get pregnant. The week before I went back on the pill I had this weird feeling like a little voice in my head telling me I'm pregnant, took a test came back negative. The day I go in to the doctors to get the pills they take a test and still negative. I've been taking the pills about 3weeks now and that little voice still hasn't gone away. And while I know birth control messes with your hormones something I would never do happend yesterday, I was craving honey mustard and mayo... and in stead of making a sandwich.. I just put honey mustard and mayo on bread and didnt even realize I did till I took a bite. It was good but it tripped me out. And I've been peeing a lot more then usual. My regular period should be starting in about 3days idk if the birth control is going to affect it because I'm normally depo or nexplanon. And it has been awhile since the last time I was on a birth control. Should I test again??