How far along am I ?


First time mom at 38 and I'm so confused right now.  I'm due july 23 four days before my birthday. I dont know which date to go by. On Friday I got my BFP and my stomach was hurting just on my left side. I haven't had an normal period since 9-18-19. In Oct my period was only 1-2 days and extremely light pink so I didn't count this as a period. Yesterday I was my left side was hurting again so my SO took me to the er and again I got a BFP. I had blood work and ultrasound done and they didn't see anything on the ultrasound doctor said ok still to early to see on an ultrasound and my hcg are 300. So can anyone please tell me how far along I am. I have to go get more blood work and ultrasound done on monday. Someone please help me thanks in advance