Here we go again!

Now in our 5th month of trying (which is nothing compared to families who have been trying for 5/6 years - I’ve got my fingers & toes crossed for you all! 💕).

Took an ovulation test on the 14th and it turns out I was ovulating that day rather than today which <a href="">Glow app</a> predicted.

I hope this is our month. I just found out that my cousin got pregnant from a one night stand (I’m not judging her choice of having one night stands. She’s 22 and is free to do whatever as long as she’s keeping herself safe). I feel guilty for being jealous of her. My husband and I are actively trying. We’re buying ovulation sticks, vitamins, thermometers and she has one drunken night and is expecting a baby next year. Life can be so unfair sometimes right?