I dont get it - rant post

Im in various mommy groups, so Im not talking about this one specifically in fact this group is pretty tame for the most part, but I always see judgey/rude comments about how people choose to raise their kids.

99% of us our doing the best we can and motherhood is hard enough without judgement from people that dont know you or your baby. Theyre not there at 2 in the morning with a baby that wont sleep, or at the pedi apppintment when your doctor recommends doing something less conventional for a issue, nor were they with you on your journey into motherhood.

Yet somehow they think its okay to form an opinion on you and how you raise your baby and publicly bash you/ name call.

Luckily it hasnt happened to me but Ive seen it happen to so many moms on other groups.

It just makes me sad to watch. None of us want to feel like failures.

Sorry for the rant, I just hurt seeing people being tore down.

If this is you that has been tore down before, I see you doing your best momma!! Motherhood is a journey and YOU are best for your child! ♡ Everyone have a great Sunday!