My crush didn’t like me because I wasn’t blonde💀!!!! I am in 8th grade and in 5th grade I had this huge crush on this guy and I guess he liked me then but we never knew about the other liking us. I have liked him ever since 5th grade I have just never told him because I thought he wouldn’t like me back. I finally decided to be bold and brave and tell him I like him. He told my friend he had liked me in 5th grade all along and that’s why I finally decided to tell him. He gave me his number and we started talking and he was being really cute and sweet and saying really nice things about me and we talked and texted almost every single day for about 2 months and then summer hit and he started acting different. He wouldn’t text as much and that was fine but then he started acting like he was interested. So one day I was at my friends house and he started texting her and she told me right away (and I guess he didn’t know I was with her) and so we started asking him questions and stuff like that about me. My friend kept asking if he liked me and he wouldn’t give her an exact answer and he was trying to get with her saying things like why are you worried about, I texted you not her. And when she asked him why he was texting her not me he said because she was pretty and he wanted to get to know her. And they started talking through out the day while I was there and she finally FaceTimed him and I went out of the picture so he couldn’t see me but she asked him if he liked me and he said no because she has brown hair and I like girls that have blonde hair. And that I wasn’t skinny enough. He didn’t say I was fat he said my but and boobs were to big and that he wanted a small girl. Which made no sense because my friend is a bigger girl and has brown hair.. so yeah I confronted him and he called me ugly and told me I should stick to what I’m good at-being a stupid idiot. I punched him and got suspended but it was worth it and my parents weren’t mad they were happy I did it.