Chemical pregnancy 11 dpo positive tests

Hi all. I’m new to the ttc journey and just finished my 2nd cycle. I was so excited because on 11 dpo I tested with a first response and got a very faint positive. It was my first positive ever! I couldn’t believe it! I tested the next day 12 dpo and I got an even fainter positive. I was a little worried because I would expect the line to get stronger. I also was spotting a little brown discharge which was unusual. My period was supposed to start the next day at 13 dpo. I tested 13 dpo morning and got complete stark negatives. And my period full on started. I believe from what I’ve read, this was a chemical pregnancy. I even felt different during the two week wait, I knew I was pregnant this time, and I guess i was somewhat , but then the implantation didn’t work out I guess? Just wanted to share my story and was hoping others may have experienced this? Just sucks because I was so happy and started planning and getting excited, and now I’m just sad. I guess it’s a good sign that fertilization happened tho, right? We will just keep on at it and continuing the journey..!