Ovulated on CD 7?😕


I'm pretty sure I ovulated on CD 7, which is super weird and not common. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I decided to try maca root this time and I think it screwed with my cycle. I usually ovulate around CD 11. I have gotten zero rise in my opk's this time. The closest I got to a positive was at night on CD 6 and I was having the same kind of cramps I get on my normal peak day. I'm guessing that if I did ovulate that early, there's like no chance of me getting pregnant this month. The egg wouldn't be mature enough to make it if it got fertilized. We did BD on CD 5 and 7 though. I don't know. I'm getting frustrated with my body. Ever since getting off of birth control in May, I've been spotting all month except my fertile week. My doctor said it's normal after getting off of birth control until 6 months. It's pretty much been 6 months and this crap is still happening. It's seriously making me depressed. If it continues, she's going to put me on Clomid because I'm probably having bad ovulations.