to test or not to test....


my cycle has been sort of irregular since I had an ectopic pregnancy early this year.. and we decided to focus on other things for a while and not prevent but not really try.. so I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated, but if glow is right today is 10 dpo.. but who knows. well there is some weeeird stuff going on. first of all yesterday it was a little brown when I wiped (maybe tmi sorry) which is always sign #1 for me af is here, but it was 5 days early and if anything I'm usually late. then today it's gone. the only other time that has ever happened to me was when I was pregnant. then I realized my boobs have bern hurting like hell.. which I thought nothing of because we're not really trying. then this morning I was just sitting there minding my own damn business and just bust out in tears for literally NOTHING. like nothing at all happened.

so my dilemma is this: I'm out of pregnancy tests. I ordered a box of Amazon cheapies and it'll be here tomorrow. SO.. do I wait until Tuesday morning after they come or go to the store like right now and buy the expensive ones so I can test today??? help me out ladies.