TMI: 6 days pp bleeding and pumping.

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Okay ladies I had my baby girl at 8:51 am on Nov 11th. I had my 2nd planned c section. No complications and I was standing by 5pm that same day. My bleeding was normal what you would expect. I went home Wednesday night (11/13) and everything was good. (11/15) I passed 2 small clots, but was still bleeding normal. Then (11/16) I put a new pad on at around 2 pm left my house and got home around 6pm and nothing was on my pad at all. I played down and relaxed for a few and woke up around 8pm still nothing. I started to pump my breast and as I was sitting I started to feel cramps and like I was peeing myself and when I was done pumping went to the bathroom and it was all blood covering my pad. Now I went I woke up and had barely anything on my pad until I pumped again and I could feel it coming out again. I plan to call my doctor Mondsy, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this?