I’ve been dating this man for 2 months and he has no idea....

I’ve been seeing a man now for 2 months...best relationship I’ve ever been in. Full of love, laughter, friendship and more but I’ve been keeping a dirty little secret...I wear hair extensions 24/7...my hair is literally the worst, it’s short, damaged, thin and spotty especially after having my youngest daughter. It’s been a secret problem of mine for the longest time my hair just won’t grow...I thought this whole time maybe be caught on since he can’t pull it and I change colors up, I obviously don’t put it up...but last night we finally came to a point where I could safely bring it up. I asked if we could take a shower together and he was delighted, and I threw in there “you’ll be able to see my short hair without the extensions”

He literally had no idea and I feel like an ass, he did say he likes shorter hair anyways but it just doesn’t look great. I sent him a pic of my hair before half of it fell out (from postpartum shedding) he said “as long as it looks like the pic you sent I don’t care” it doesn’t look that good anymore! 😰😰😰 It doesn’t look like the “me” he fell in love with....he’s also been acting aloof since last night and I don’t know what to do or say. I need someone to talk to about this 😥

Edit: he also said last night that he “feels lied to” that it’s not about the hair per-se...I shouldn’t have waited this long to tell him but this is exactly why I was afraid to.