A Childless mother


I have fully adopted this title for myself.... A Childless mother. CHILDLESS: very sad and depressing... A women so eager to really become a" true mom". Trying to dodge the worlds questions and comments that always seem to be backhanded. Knowing you are missing something in your life...Yet... It may never come.

MOTHER: These are the women who know deep in their soul that they are AlREADY mothers. Day dreaming with my husband ... Whoes hair would this baby get.... What skin tone...whoes personality will they have... And in thoes moments of day dreaming... You finally feel truly happy... Then you wake up...realize, we are no where near these dreams.. Our reality may never look like our dreams.... How does someone cope? Im just Trying to hold on to our small "maybe" but the more the months goes by... The smaller the " maybe" looks....