Whats going on!? Im freaking out! Need answers asap!

Yesterday was my predicted ovulation day according to this app.

Well, today I was laying here, getting woke up from a good night sleep when an INTENSE cramp overtook my whole uturus. It felt like my uturus was just getting squeezed to hell and back. The cramp was soooo intense and i swear to godddd it felt like somthing moved in the middle of my uturus.

Now, I know that Im not pregnant. I have not had sex in like.. 10 months 😂 due to the fact im only 16 and my boyfriend and I decided we didn't want to take the risk anymore.

The only thing we have done since my last period was dry hump fully clothed (dont judge 😂😂😂😂)

Anyways. When I say my whole uturus cramped, i mean like the whole uturus along with the surrounding area. The front of the vagina ( from hip to hip including the 'triangle' and just a little underneath my belly button ) was on fire with a burning intense cramp. But the cramp only lasted about... 4 seconds and has not come back..

( Btw I hope yall understand what i mean by the 'triangle' its the front of your vagina. from below your belly buttom to the beginning of the vaginas slit.)

What could this be?