My boyfriend mom is racist


Hey ladies so I’m African American and my bf is Caucasian. We have been together for 4 years now. When we first got together he tried introducing me to his family and his mom told him she didn’t want to meet me because I was a “coon” and her uncle lost his life to a black man and so far on. She went on say mean things about me but I ignored it. She went and searched me on Facebook and the whole nine yards. Mind you I don’t know the black man either that she was talking about she just made that an excuse to meet me. During my pregnancy my bf never told her I was pregnant because he didn’t want to add stress to me or the baby. She found out about my baby when she was 1 month old. She saw a picture of my baby and said she wasn’t white enough to be her sons baby and she wanted a dna test. I told her I will not give her one but if he wanted one I would gladly give him one. That made her leave us alone for a min and now she’s back. My baby will be 3 month on Friday and she wants to meet her. I’m am at a strong hell no only because of what she has done to me personally. This weekend she got upset with me because she asked my boyfriend to bring the baby to her and I told him no. I want her to know her family and I don’t want her to feel when she gets older that I’m stopping her from seeing her family but I also want to protect her. I also don’t want to cause stress on my bf because of the back fire he’s getting from this. I offered him to sit down and eat at a restaurant so she could meet because I didn’t want to put my personal hate toward her in the way of my child but she denied it. What should I do?