Help a girl out please 😭

Could I still be pregnant ? I haven’t had sex since August unprotected I know dumb of us but it was my first time and we both decided to just wait till we are older. But idk if I just scared myself by seeing online how some girls got there period while pregnant. i just tested last week and it was negative. 2 weeks after having sex I had my period lasted a little longer than usual but was my period then in October I got brown spotting 4-5 days and then got my period. And got it twice in October but that cycle was also weird since brown discharge was present the whole 4 days and only little blood and was not heavy I’m currently on cycle day 25. (Late by one day) Like I said I tested last week and negative and haven’t done anything since that one day in August. It scares me when I get a little stomach spasm or pee more often or even wake up with this nervous feeling in my stomach but idk if it’s just my nerves.