How to tell it’s a good day


For those of you who have seen my posts, you might have figured out by now that I love lingerie and hoard it like a dragon with its gold. I’ve recently found a site to get them cheap so I’m actually not blowing a ton on stuff.

Probably my favorite piece cuz I LOVE buffalo plaid

Probably my husbands favorite piece because apparently he likes royal blue

And this sexy thing. The chains are removable so if they aren’t fitting right or you don’t like them you can take them off

And then there’s this. I pulled it out and when oh god that’s not gonna fit but I’m gonna put it on anyway cuz that’s gonna be funny

Here’s what it’s SUPPOSED to look like

I got a good laugh out of that

So I guess 3/4. The buffalo plaid, bodysuit, and stockings are from Yandy, and the rest is from Shein