Signs from the universe?


Do anyone else use signs from the universe?

It all started when I had a dream I was changing a diaper. The same day once my coworker laid eyes on me she got super excited and said she had a dream about me! It wasn't about a baby though. It was about hitting a jackpot lol.

Anyways a couple of days later which is today I saw a girl friend I haven't seen in weeks. She looked at me and states "omg your are glowing! What is going on? You got some dick lol" I love that girl lol

Today I been listening to music and I been catching little things in songs that reference babies, kids etc. I stopped everything I was doing I looked up to the sky and said to the universe lol "look if I'm pregnant then I'll except it if a sign shows up in the next song" my playlists is on shuffle so I have no way of knowing what's next.

The song Shrike by Hozier comes on and I caught a verses with the word "reborn" in it. I then look at the album cover and there it is "Wasteland, Baby" in big letters. My heart stopped lol

It could all be an coincidence but I'd like to see what yall think...