Decreased Fetal Movement Turned Preeclampsia


Currently, 29 weeks and 6 days. Normally my baby boy is doing karate, kickboxing, or gymnastics in my womb. Saturday, I noticed he was not very active. I tried drinking something ice cold, eating sweets, and laying on my back (which he hates). Even tried to flash a flashlight on my stomach to see if he would move. And nothing worked. I tried to just hydrate myself and finally felt a few flutters toward my pelvic area. Figured I would just continue to monitor him. Sunday, my husband made us breakfast and I drank a small cup of coffee and I went to church and he still was not active. We go to visit my husband’s parents and I finally decide that we probably should go to Labor and delivery. We go to church about a hour away from home and his parents live about 20 minutes from there.

Went to to the hospital that my daughter was born at 4 years ago since we were down in LA and only thought we were going to be monitored and sent home. BOY WAS I WRONG! Soon as I got hooked up to the monitor, he was back to somersaulting in there, but my blood pressure was extremely high (171/103). They started drawing labs, testing urine samples, and started an iv. Within a hour, I had 3 increased doses of Labetalol directly into my iv line. They said I had a minimum of a 24 hour hold but that I wasn’t “officially” admitted. Fast forward a few hours and my bp is still high so they start giving me my regular pills of Procardia XL and Labetalol . They decide to give me a steroid shot for the baby’s lungs in case I had to deliver early. It finally starts going down. The doctor comes back and says all my test are fine and no preeclampsia. THANK YOU LORD!! She then says that if my blood pressures continue to go down that I should be able to go home the next day same time after I receive the second dosage of the steroid shot.

BOY WAS SHE WRONG!! She came back and tested my urine Monday morning around 6 and came with the results around 7:30 stating the test from last night was abnormal and looks like you do have preeclampsia and you will need to stay here until you deliver and pray we get you to 34 weeks but it could be sooner. Wrap your head around possibly delivering any day within the next 4 weeks. I completely broke down out of confusion, anger, and disappointment. I didn’t understand how I could be going home one minute and the next staying for 30 days. They instantly started me on magnesium and inserted a Foley catheter and said I had to continue on it for 24 hours and could not eat. 😳 Since I wasn’t with my normal care team, I asked if we were able to speak with my high risk doctor (my chronic hypertension) before making any decisions on me staying in the hospital. They agreed. Spoke to my normal doctor and they agreed to transfer me back to my hospital closer to my house to continue care.

It took us about 2 hours via ambulance to get here, but I was so glad I got here. After he reviewed my complete file, I met with the ob working and he stopped the magnesium, took the catheter out, allowed me to eat, and I’m

awaiting to speak with the maternal fetal medicine doctor in a few hours. My blood pressures have been amazing all day so I’m praying for good news and being allowed to go home. Amazing how I went in for decreased fetal movement and he is perfectly fine! I had no other symptoms. It was like a sign from him to get my blood pressure in check. Pray I get to go home and he stays in at least until 37 weeks. I have faith!

Sorry the post is so long. I have insomnia and felt like sharing my story. Lesson learned, slow down and take care of yourself.