Two normal babies, of the same age and with the same feeding.

Size variations are normal. Neither one is obese, nor the other is malnourished.

We need to understand that no two children are completely alike. Each person has a certain predisposition to be thinner or thicker.

It's hard, but let's not let comparisons make us feel that we are bad mothers or that we are failing something.

The contexture of babies does not determine the quantity or quality of your milk, for that there are other parameters.

I know it is inevitable not to feel judged by comments that even seem to have no bad vibes, but girls: Do not doubt your ability as mothers, if your child is completely healthy, there is nothing to worry about. You are doing well.

And remember, contexture is not an indicator of good health.

"Every child is a unique and unrepeatable world, therefore incomparable."