2days late..


Is anyone else afraid to take a test? Man I just want to be pregnant and have our rainbow baby I'm just praying this is it. Well my cervix is high its round feeling do u think I have a really good chance. I have to wait till I'm 5 days after bc for some reason I don't show positives till then one time with my baby girl for two months two different hospitals told me I wasn't pregnant then in May found out I was 2 months praying I don't go through that again I want to know now but for now just keeping my fingers crossed šŸ¤ž šŸ‘¶ god please let this be our healthy rainbow baby...baby dust to all u mommas out there trying.

I know I won't get much help from ppl some reason only one or two answers me and if I do get more its just to put me down. So please if u don't have anything helpful or anything nice please don't message bc I can't handle any more negative..god bless you all