Who would you pick?


Alright ladies, I need your help. Long story short, I'm torn between two guys. I'll describe them briefly and why I'm into them and their pros/cons and you vote on who you'd choose if you were me.

Jeremy: 6'2, black, super fit (he's a model) lots of tattoos. Father of three (but only sees one regularly). Works 3 jobs. He's an ex of mine, but we always stayed friends and he's wanted to get back together with me for months. Pros: he's a bit of a nerd like me, he's easy to talk to, he cares about how I'm treated by others, we have a lot in common. Cons: he sometimes gets too sexual, he can get kind of short with me when I get anxious and paranoid (though in the past when we dated, this ended up helping me and I'm not nearly as bad as I used to be), he's friends with my ex fiance who I'll always have feelings for, he's an ex gang member (he's been out for six to ten years now.

Jordan: 6'1, white, fit. Has a good job. We haven't met yet because he went out of state shortly after we started talking in May and isn't back until next month. Pros: he seems to understand that I'm Asexual, he's very sweet to me and always calls me beautiful. Cons: he goes out of state a lot for work or will have to go out on runs or deliveries in the middle of our conversation. Our conversations are always the same and I'm realizing I don't know much about him because our conversations never vary, but I'm hoping if we get the chance to meet it'll be easier in person.

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