One year later

It’s been a year since we said good bye. We were so excited to have you in our lives. How lucky we were to get pregnant our first month of trying! How blessed we were to be so happy!

At your ten week scan we saw you. Too small for ten weeks, no heart beat. Did your heart ever beat? I’ll never know. But for the 6 weeks I knew you were there, you felt very alive to me. Thank you for the joy you gave me (even though I couldn’t cook or eat anything that I usually would 😅). Thank you for making me feel something I’ve never felt before.

I’m so sorry you never got the chance to be kissed and hugged and feel the love we had for you, even though we’d never met you. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to give you a happy, healthy, full life. I know it’s not my fault, but I’m still so sorry.

Just know that we feel your absence every day. Know that your loss has left a hole in our lives that we have been trying to fill ever since with no luck.

I pray that you feel loved, that you know how badly we wanted you with us on earth. I pray that we will be made whole one day.