He’s here 😍😍 ...

Saffron β€’ A little girl with dreams is a woman with vision ✨ CJS 15.11.2019πŸ’™

Well ladies it gives me great pleasure to say after following first trimester, second trimester & third trimester and every pregnancy related topic in between I am officially leaving..

After 3 long days of labour, getting stuck at 9.5cm, pushing for 1 hour, losing 437ml of blood just from β€œtrauma” alone

And to be quite frank the worst pain I could ever explain/experience in my life

I had the absolute pleasure at 00.54am on 15.11.2019 of welcoming this beautiful little boy into the world.

I am honoured to be his mother, I’ve never felt a love like it. He’s perfect in every way!

My 7lb 4oz angel

Carter πŸ’™