Christmas toy drive gone wrong.. what’s a good solution?

Last year my local church did a toy drive for Christmas presents for kids. Every year they do a Christmas party thing but last year they had a booth with all the donated Christmas presents already wrapped saying parent who need help affording Christmas gifts can grab one to put under the tree for each of their children. They had them separated for gifts for boys and gifts for girls and by age gifts that were better for 5 and under and over 5 years old. The problem was that the gifts were not even some children were getting expensive gaming systems while other got a coloring book. Obviously this would cause some jealousy if the children were siblings, and people were not happy and complaining that the gifts were making the kids upset. Which is understandable when one child opens up a book and the other gets a PS4.

This year they changed it to a $10 price limit. They had a drop off spot in the church and when the volunteer gift wrappers showed up to sort and wrap the gifts the same issue. Not everyone listened to the $10 price limit and there are gifts that cost $50, $100, $200 mixed in with $10 gifts. What is the best solution so we don’t have the same complaints as last year?