Why is it so hard ?

I feel like it’s so much more difficult to get pregnant for people who are financially stable, in a loving relationship, and in the proper mindset than it is for people who aren’t ready.

My husband and I met when I was in my late 20s and he was in his mid 30s. We got married when I was in my early 30s and he was in his late 30s and we started trying right away. My husband makes over $300k a year, we have a lovely home in a very good school district, and all we want is to start a family. After trying for 2 years and spending over $20k on fertility treatments and tests we’re still not pregnant. Then I see other women who fall pregnant without trying, who are in toxic relationships, or single, and who are not financially ready or willing to take the responsibility for another mouth to feed. I also keep reading stories of newborn babies being abandoned/killed and it breaks my heart! We have discussed adoption, but I’m not sure if that’s the path for us. We really want to make and raise our own child. Why does it have to be so hard???😭💔🙏