Bump on vagina lip

I’m gonna post it on here because the response I got on another forum scared me and I need another opinion (nobody else is answering me :() I have one single bump on my vagina lip (vulva area and not inside my vagina) and it itches so bad. It happened after shaving but that was about a month ago and it’s still there. Taking a look in a mirror, it’s really just one bump that’s causing all my itches. It doesn’t look like a wart and it’s the same color of my skin. You almost can’t tell it’s there unless I’m feeling it and looking at the mirror. Could that still be herpes? After looking at many photos of herpes in that area, none came close to what I’m seeing.

I’ve only ever been intimate with one guy and he tells me that he has never been with anyone else but me and he has no VISIBLE signs of herpes. I talked to him about it and says that he’s still 100% clean and I’m the only person he’s done it with. Thoughts?