Newborn is doing so well!


We’re first time parents, I’ve been around babies my whole life but my partner hasn’t had a baby in his family for 9 years so his never changed a nappy before our daughter or anything.

We’re doing so so well as new parents, my partner is so hands on and I’m so greatful for everything he does.

When we fell pregnant (we were only together for 6 months 😬) we were told that we will never sleep again, we would never have sex again, we won’t even have time for the things we loved doing or time for each other and people only told us the horror stories about having kids.

Our daughter is 1 week old today and is just so easy going and so much fun. Whenever someone asks how we are doing we always reply with “yeah great, she’s such a good baby” and then they have to shove down our throats with “you just wait!” Every day me and my partner have had time to clean the house, have showers, pamper ourselves outside the home, play video games and still get a little frisky 😏 and I’ve even managed to sew a few burp cloths, bibs and wraps for bub. All long with feeding, changing and bonding with our baby.

We’re so over everyone telling us it’s going to get worse and making us worry every day and night that she’s going to turn into a demon.

Did anyone start with really chilled out, happy to put them self’s to sleep, sleep through most of the night kind of babies and they have stayed that way?