Should I be a Mother?


It's been years of ttc and about two years ago I gave up hope. I started to become bitter and negative about children. My SO and I decided that we may not even want children and all the things that come with them.

But recently I was told there is hope and was given a medication to assist me in becoming pregnant. This happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. I've had the medication for over a month and still haven't taken it.

Now, after two years of distancing myself from the idea of being a parent, I'm worried I'm not ready. I'm worried that if I take the pills and they don't work, I'll be devastated. I'm worried that I won't be able to get my anger issues under control. I'm afraid of the future and their first heartbreak or people being bullies and not being able to make everything perfect for them.

I'm scared and not sure I am ready to be a mother.

I'm 28 years old and my husband is as well. We aren't financially stable but everyone always says "no one really ever is."

So my questions are:

How did you know you were ready?

How did you have to change your lifestyle to prepare for your young?

Is it stupid and irresponsible to consider having a child if you aren't "rich" or "well off"?

Will I be a good mother if I get irritated easily and angry about things?

All help is appreciated.

Change is scary and this is a lifetime change. Permanent. Forever.

And I just want to know I'll be a good Momma.