SAHM rant..

I became a SAHM in March due to the fact my paycheck wouldn't cover daycare. We struggle financially but make payments when we can so that brings a handful of stress to our relationship. My husband works 10 hour days of physical labor so I know it can be tiring but he helps less now that I don't work, as if he expects me to do everything because I don't make money. I bring it up to him on how I need help and he will watch the baby for a few minutes as I do up the dishes and bottles but then it's back to him doing nothing. I want to get a part time job but he doesn't want to come home and watch the baby for me to go do a second or third shift job. He will then bitch about our sex life but our baby hates sleep so if he's sleeping I try to too and after cleaning the house, caring for the baby, making dinner and his lunch for the next day, etc I just want sleep. I am blessed to be with my baby all day but my marriage is struggling, I'm tired and so broke! Has anyone else gone through this?