What are your thoughts on taking “safe” medication while pregnant?

I’m 16 weeks pregnant today. Throughout my pregnancy I’ve taken Trazodone for sleep, Sudafed, Xyzal, Zantac, tums, and acetaminophen (Tylenol).

My doctor told me all these were safe to take but to limit them as much as I could. I am currently at work talking to one of my coworkers and we were talking about women who smoke during pregnancy. Then my coworker says “when I was pregnant I didn’t take any Tylenol medication even when I had a migraine because who knows what any medication could do to an unborn baby”

Before I became pregnant I took Trazodone because I had chronic insomnia so I kept taking it. But after a while I didn’t need it anymore because I started sleeping on my own. I take a daily Xyzal pill for allergies because I have horrible horrible allergies. Ever since I was little I’ve had them and I also have asthma and it helps me control it. My nose also becomes extremely congested to the point where I can’t breathe out of my nose and it makes it so hard for me to sleep, so I’ve taken Sudafed 3 times. I took Zantac a handful of times but stopped once I realized Tums worked just a good for acid reflux. And ever since I got to the second trimester I started taking Tylenol for sinus headaches because they are so severe.

But now I’m worried. When I look at that list it sounds like a lot. Really I could just push through it without medication and have headaches/allergies. I could’ve stayed up all night and tried to force myself to sleep on my own instead of popping a sleeping pill. Idk. Maybe I worry too much. What are your thoughts?