TTC and Sex


So this is my 3rd month TTC baby#2. For my 1st, it was really quick and the first month trying it worked, I really didnt know anything about TTC and just did the deed randomly during the month. Now its been 3 month and I know its not been long at all but my husband can't have too much sex I mean it becomes a chore and its too much for him (😏) so we have been trying every other day during my fertile window. But this month my daughter has been really ill and with work didnt manage to do it every other day. I am still in ly fertile window and supposed to ovulate in 2 days. Do you think if we try today, tomorrow and Ovulation day, I have good chances ? I heard that its better to do it before OD ? I am clueless lol

Thank you for reading and your help, sending baby dust to everybody x