My husband and I have a roommate, and we totally hate him, is like a toxic relationship ( this post would be too long if I get into detail of damages and how uncomfortable he make us in our own house) We have been trying to keep it up for months because our HOA is astronomic( very high and will increase in December), maybe like month and a half ago I started hearing loud moans at night ( like for 2 hrs) my husband is a gamer so he puts his headphones on and doesn't notice, I would tell him but he would pay attention, yesterday he wasn't playing and the noise started , is not like he screams, but is loud enough to make you feel uncomfortable and wonder what's going on, plus it goes on for 2 hours every night, honestly yesterday went pretty wild. So the thing is that my husband said he would talk to him about it, and even though is annoying I kind of feel like is everybody privacity. We already told him days ago to go get a new place, therefore I kind of feel like we should this one go, so that we don't make him feel embarrassed for something he allowed to do even though he should control the volume. What do you think?