Baby Daddy's Parents


My youngest daughter's father's parents see his child more than him (3 or 4 times to be exact. Him only twice)

I take them (including my oldest daughter) to see his parents whenever they are in town. It's not a problem but it's uncomfortable. They don't talk to me.

I'll try striking up a conversation and they are very short with me and only want to focus on the girls (my kids). The only time they want to talk is when they ask when will I be moving back. I moved 3 hours away 3 years ago for a great career but I tell them that I don't know because I don't. Not sure that I want to!! I'm sure they're asking for his sake and not because they care. I've offered to give his daughter to him so his parents won't have to worry about seeing her through me and he hasn't done it.

I'm tired of being uncomfortable but don't want to stop their relationship with their grandchildren. What can I do?