Having another baby!! Stm May 2020 rant

Collie • 🇨🇦23 Y.O expecting my first April 9th 2019. Born April 4th 2019🤰🏽👶🏽🎉 m/c in February 2018 at 5 weeks 😭 baby #2 due may 2020

Omgg my heart feels so full recently I’ve finally let my new pregnancy settle in and have accepted that this mama is gonna have a new bundle in may 😍 at first I was very stressed about baby being the opposite of planned we even tried to prevent it and still got pregnant 4 months pp with no period and breastfeeding my daughter , but idk if it’s because I just watched my best friend give birth to her daughter this past week and see her fall in love with her baby girl or because I’m going for my gender scan this Sunday but I’m suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and assurance that this baby is a complete blessing , hoping for a boy because I wanted a boy since I was a little girl even wanted my daughter to be boy until I found she was girl and underneath it all I want her to have a sister so I’m great full for whatever I’m having ! 15+4 💙💝💙💝 sorry rant over 🤣🤣

My little may 2020 miracle


12 weeks exactly