What should we do? (Read description)


My husband and I will most likely get some money for Christmas. Not a huge amount but at least $150 each.

We are having a baby in May and have a goal to pay down some debt before baby comes as I will not be working; therefore, not getting paid. My husband just got a new job that pays better than his old one, but still not enough to totally absorb what my income paid for. I will make some income babysitting but it won’t be steady, so the less obligations we have, the better.

Anyway, I think that some of our Christmas money should go to debt. I think keeping half and paying half towards debt is a fair solution. Our debt is shared—it is for the car we both drive and the bed we both sleep on. But I feel like my husband will want to keep all the money to do whatever we each want with our own money.

The way I see it is we’ve already made decisions about things we wanted (and needed), now we owe for them.

Does paying half on debt and keeping half for maybe getting something special for ourselves seem like a good solution? Is there a better solution?

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