Kaitlyn • April 25th, 2019 👶🏽💓

My daughter is 7 months and was super congested last night :(

We put saline drops in her nose & cleaned her nose out twice last night and put the humidifier on and she still woke up super congested! This morning I cleaned her nose out and turned the shower on hot to make it steamy and sat in the bathroom with her for 15 minutes and she’s still super congested and is coughing a bit.

Any other tips? Her doctors office isn’t calling us back.

* she had a fever of 100.5 but went down to 100.1 after her bath last night and I just took it again and it was 98.6! *

Also we went to the zoo yesterday, could it be allergies? We also just got back from vacation yesterday so could it be going from hot weather to cold?

Can you tell I’m a first time mom? 😂😂😂