So my boyfriend passed away November the 4, 2019 he always wanted a baby so bad I told him I will give you one in a couple of years but then passed I though I will never give him his wish💔😪 but I’m 5 days late for my period! He told his niece before he passed that got somebody pregnant but he was only messing with me at the time so idk I’m scared because I’m might be pregnant and have go through it without him🥺 it’s going be hard for me to play both roles for the baby if I am pregnant I be the most I can be💗 for this little human and wish he/she could meet his daddy that’s was full of life I miss him so much I tried to not think about him at all💔 it’s just hurt to much to think about but I will make sure she/he know there father!

Turns out I’m PREGNANT 🥺❤️ I’m scared shitless but I wanna give him his wish , I just hope we make you proud baby❤️