Masturbation caused early period?

Amber Lynn

Okay so I’m in a long distance relationship, and we’ve been “sexually active” together i.e. masturbating to each other. I have a vibrator and usually I never inserted it, because personally it never hit the spot for me, but with my partner it’s working and I was using it rather roughly insertion (hitting cervix, plenty of lube was used so no tearing) wise, and about a day afterward I started spotting. The spotting stopped for a day or two, and started again yesterday, but the blood was the brown “old blood” that comes before or after periods, so I thought nothing of it. I’m about a week before my period is *supposed* to be due, but today I’m bleeding as if I have my period, normal red blood and cramps, the whole nine yards

Obviously I’ve googled it, and it says masturbation can’t changed your menstrual cycle, but I couldn’t find anything linked to rough insertion (aka hitting the cervix)

Has anyone had any experience with this happening? I’d really appreciate any knowledge, I’m not exactly worried but just a bit confused. Thanks guys ❤️❤️