❤️ Protective Over You

Aubrey • 💙Soon to be mommy! 03.16.20 Sebastian Lee💙 💚MSKD💜 💕12.23.16 A§E💕 🌻Dog mom of 2!🌻

I never really expected to be so protective over a belly bump.

I put my hands on it or out in front of it when we went swing dancing to prevent people from bumping into me while we go to find the bathrooms because I had a sip of water 2 minutes ago and suddenly I have a whole dam ready to explode.

I push my dogs away when they start to hold their little paws up to come and climb on me because they’re used to laying directly on my lap, but no longer! Baby rules that area.

I walk more cautiously down my steps holding the neglected banisters and do my ice walk until I’m safely in a vehicle or home, all while again, holding my belly.

I wait patiently for a group of people to move if the only way past them is to squeeze behind them, tapping songs stuck in my head on my belly, hoping for a response from the little guy in there until I’m finally able to pass. Unless I feel the need to politely say “excuse me” and make my way past, I’m never really in a rush.

I cradle the belly bump that’s formed over these 6 months with worry of the world ruining something I feel is so perfect. I worry that one false move could take it all away or bring the life inside out much too early.

I’m a first time mother and I can only assume it’ll get worse once he’s here and it’s no longer just cradling him in a belly, getting the shots I need that will help him because he can’t have any, simply moving things out of the way so we can both pass, knowing that all those layers of chub and skin are no longer relevant to his safety because he’s here and they can’t protect him so carefully like they used to.

I find a small pocket of annoyance when someone says “you’ll be a great mother!” Thank you. I appreciate the loving words. But I already am a mother and a damn good one at that! The second a life begins forming, YOU ARE A MOTHER. So I hope the ones around the world who have suffered loss and think “I would’ve been a great mother” or “I’ll never get to be a mother” realize that you indeed are a mother. Don’t let anyone take that from you! ❤️