Would you go?


I am so torn. A mini backstory my MIL and I do not have a great relationship. Even before I had my daughter she didn’t care for me. Lots of things happened and I have just chosen to be cordial and kind but not try for a relationship with her any longer. I never keep my husband from his family and we see them for events and such. Since she doesn’t care for me she takes it out on my husband. She also tells family that I keep our daughter from them and tries to make it seem that way to anyone who will listen. They are doing thanksgiving today. My husband has to work a he will not be able to go with us. My drive is 45 mins there and back. Dinner is at 6, my little one goes to bed by 7 pm. I know my in laws will try to do things we have asked them not to just because my husband isn’t there. I don’t want my daughter to kiss out on time with her family. It’s not her fault that there are any issues and she does have cousins I would love for her to see. If it was you, would you go?