Sick cat. Puking blood ? Warning pic

My cat woke up just fine yesterday morning he ate and was normal he stayed in my sisters room bout the whole day my grandma said when she went in there he had puked a lot and it was red then when my bf got home he said he was still puking we tried taking him to the vet ended up waiting forever without even being checked on so we left and planned to come back today but I don’t know if I can afford the vet my car just quit working I have to buy a new battery ... this is what it looks like

My granny’s brother said he might of ate a frog possibly .. he drank some water on his on for like 5 minutes he will not eat anything.. I read on here to do this

So I went to Walmart and got this

He just been sleeping and I have given him two small doses of this ...

I wanna know if anyone could possibly know what could be wrong with him!? If it gets worse I will most likely take him and ask for help from someone to pay .. anything helps !

This is what he looks like rn


EDIT: I’m taking him to the vet my granny said she will help me out i called it’s $44 to check him and I have an appointment in less than 30 min . I hope everything is okay 💛

EDIT 2: took him to the vet

They gave him fluids and said he was super dehydrated and a nausea shot and they said if he doesn’t feel better we can come back and have the rest done .. I’m praying he starts getting better soon :,(