Is this rape?

Ok, so about six months ago I had my first girlfriend. I was really excited because it was my first time being openly gay. We were hanging out and she kissed me. I really enjoyed it. (I'm 13 btw) anyways, I regret even doing that because next thing I know she has her hand in my pants and is fingering me. At this point, I'm getting a little uncomfortable but I didn't say anything. Then she took my pants off. I tried to say something but she just stopped me and kept going. She started rubbing y clit and fingering me harder. I was really uncomfortable at this point and tried to tell her to stop but she would kiss me every time I started talking. Then she took off my underwear and started eating me out. It felt really good but I didn't want it. I even told her to stop and tried sitting up but she pushed me back down. This went on for almost ten minutes before I was able to get away. I don't know if this was rape because it was only oral. Can someone please help me.

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