There’s something wrong with my baby


My 13 month old daughter has just not been her normal self.

For the last week she has refused all of her food I’d say 8/10 times. She previously had a great appetite

She seems well and satisfied. She was mostly only interested in her milk but starting to lose interest in that in recent days

She’s normally really happy and full of mischief but lately she seems really quiet and shy

She goes to day care and I was told today that she bit another child leaving marks because she was playing with a toy that the other child tried to play with too

This is really upsetting for me because I feel like I’ve neglected her in some way or she’s having a problem emotionally that I haven’t picked up on

I feel like a total failure and I just wish I had my normal little girl back. I wish she would eat, run around laughing and not be aggressive with other children

I don’t know if it’s any correlation but she had her mmr vaccine two weeks ago