I just want to vent *sigh*

Me and my husband are going on age 27 & 28 we have been together since 23 but only married a year and few months. Whenever he gets mad at me he packs his things and leaves then tells me to figure shit out bc he’s not helping me. That causes me to miss out on work bc i have no sitter , and he decides each time that he leaves that he can just not go to work or take care of responsibilities. I am sooo fed up with this it’s not even disagreement or fight but it’s happened enough to the point where i can’t take it happening again :( How can a man just drop all responsibilities just like that with no care all bc he’s mad at his wife, when i am upset with my husband i don’t pack my things and jus leave our kid with him it’s not fair to me or our daughter , i am also 8 months pregnant this makes me so sad 😞