Feeling bored in my relationship ..?


I am 25 year old woman, junior in college, full-time employee, and I have one child. I am pretty much busy all the time but I make time for things important to me. With that being said, I have been in a relationship for that past 8 months. we have known eachother for about a year. Lately, I have been wanting way more out of my relationship than I have been receiving. We only see each 4 times a month maybe even 2 or 3 because only see each other once a week. As everyone knows, in order to build a successful relationship , you must see each other more in order to bond. I have mentioned to him that I'd like us to see eachother more and he said we will figure out how to make it happen. We do both have opposite schedules. My daughter is gone every weekend so I never understand why he won't just see me some weekends for the whole weekend. Like spend the night for 2 days or something. When we see each other it is fun, we go out try new restaurants but I just feel like I still have a disconnect or something. I try to come by his house but he lives with his mom ( i have met her) but he never invites me over sometime on the weekend. I don't want to invite myself or always ask. I have brought it up to him and he said he loves me very much but he isn't where I am yet, it takes him a while to get where I am at in the relationship. But all I want is to be spend more time with him, I get I can't see him everyday but I atleast want to feel wanted (not sexually). I want to know that he wants to see me. Sometimes I wanna hear that he wants drop by when I get off on Fridays to spend the night because he wants to see me.

My next problem is that I have a coworker, who I am attracted too and they are so attracted to me. They want to go out on dates and take trips together. I can't of course because I am in a relationship. But I find myself flirting with him sometime and I don't understand why. I am supposed to be happy in my relationship with my boyfriend and in love. But I also feel like I am missing something. Like my relationship isn't progressing. I am feeling slightly bored, unwanted and just idk. Please give me some advice on what you think and etc..

Please be nice. Thanks for your time.